Setup and Precautions


The most basic Hydro Instruments single point application chlorination or sulfonation system includes:

  1. The appropriately sized chlorinator which mounts on the chlorine cylinder.
  2. The ejector (with appropriate nozzle and diffuser) which is installed directly to the pipe line, storage tank, or wet well.
  3. The following installation accessories:
    • Appropriate sizes and lengths of polyethylene tubing and rubber hose
    • Hose and tubing adapters and clamps
    • Ammonia bottle
    • Required spare lead gaskets and other gaskets and fittings
    • Filter material and/or insect screens
    • Cylinder wrench
    • Literature including standard product, start-up, and changing chlorine cylinders bulletins as well as chlorinator and ejector parts drawings
    • Other parts or accessories as may be required

The configurations possible for Hydro Instruments' chlorinator or sulfonator systems could be more complex than the single point application system described above. Examples would be remote meteredautomatic standby, or multi point application systems. Please consult with your distributor or Hydro Instruments at the time of the order for an exact listing of included parts and accessories.

Additional parts which may be required and are available from any plumbing supply store (or which can be ordered through Hydro Instruments):

  • Pressure gauge
  • Water shut off valves
  • Y-type strainer


  1. Ammonia gas should never be stored or fed in the same room with chlorine. Contact of the gases may result in an explosive mixture.
  2. Always keep the chlorine cylinder in an upright position with the valve cap screwed on tight before moving full or empty cylinders. Cylinders should be moved with care.
  3. A safety chain must be placed around the cylinder and secured to a wall. Spare full cylinders should also be secured.
  4. For best operation and safety, the chlorinator and cylinders should be protected from the elements and from direct sunlight.
  5. Never apply heaters or heat lamps directly on a cylinder.