Installation Photographs

      We recently began collecting photographs of installations of our equipment. Below you will see several examples of Hydro Instruments gas chlorination equipment installed in various locations around the world.  


WPOV-110 Wall Panel Omni-Valve &
EJH-2000-CL2 Ejector

Series 3000 Vacuum Regulators & GA-170 Gas Alarm


LFOV-110 Liquid Feed Omni-Valves


Floor Cabinets with OV-110 Omni-Valves


WPCV-230 Wall Panel Control Valve



WPOV-110 Wall Panel Omni-Valve

VPH-10000-1 Vaporizer (Duty/Stand by)

VPH-10000-1 Vaporizer

VPH-10000-2 Vaporizers

VPH-10000-2 Vaporizer