Getting accurate metering measurements of your liquid chemical feed within a vacuum may have proven challenging with other systems. Still, our products give our customers exactly what they need. With a wide range of chemical vacuum systems available, we have given our customers the tools they need to get the precise measurements and dosages their systems require.

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Liquid Chemical Metering

Other systems on the market may incorporate moving parts and gears that can wear down over time. However, our liquid chemical metering systems eliminate this potential design flaw and attach it directly to the valve stem. Focusing on this portion of your liquid chemical feed ensures that you receive direct and accurate metering at every stage of the process.

Crafted from the finest materials and designed with superior chemical resistance in mind, we ensure that every metering device is ready for the rigors of your system. With low feed rates potentially making accurate readings under a vacuum difficult, our V-RAD solution aims to eliminate these inaccuracies across the spectrum of municipal and industrial water treatment applications.

Chemical Feed Vacuum Systems

Regarding chemical feed vacuum systems, monitoring the drip remains one of the most important factors. Our systems don’t have the pressurized chemical lines of other models, limiting the chances of a leak and other potential dangers that can ruin the efficiency of your setup.

Our chemical vacuum systems come with multiple components designed to ensure they run effectively. Complete with a chemical flow meter tube, automated feed rate control valve, an optional bypass pining arrangement, an ejector, and a backflow prevention device, each system is designed with our customer’s needs in mind. Even when you’re making the switch from a purely gas feed system over to our vacuum chemical feed system, the switch is relatively painless. We’ll help you find the ideal system to meet your unique needs.

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When you want to upgrade your water purification system, choosing the right liquid chemical feed system for your needs is crucial—finding a company with an established reputation for delivering the finest products to their customers with durability and reliability in mind. Since 1978, Hydro Instruments has done just that. We’ve perfected our designs and products, delivering the highest-quality products that our customers have come to rely on.

Please browse our inventory and find the liquid chemical feed system that fits your unique needs today!