OV-1000 Omni-Valve

OV-1000 Omni-Valve Automatic Gas Feeder

New & Improved Omni-Valve for Automatic Feed Rate Control

OV-1000 Omni-Valve

Information & Features
  • Automatic feed control of Chlorine (Cl2), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Ammonia (NH3) & Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Elongated linear drive design for increased accuracy – Eliminates rotary motion for minimal wear
  • Maximum Gas Capacity:
    • 10,000 PPD (200 kg/h) Cl2 & SO2
    • 5,000 PPD (100 Kg/h) NH3
    • 8,000 PPD (160 Kg/h) CO2
  • Back lit liquid crystal display
  • Control Modes: Manual, Remote, Flow Pacing, Proportional, Residual, ORP, Compound Loop (PID), Step-Feed, Dual Input Feed Forward and Dual Set-Point
  • Modbus Communication (RS-485)*
  • Profibus communication can optionally be supported
  • Two relay contact alarm outputs
  • Two standard 4-20 mA outputs
  • Ten point linearization process for accurate and repeatable control
  • Available as a special order item for pressure feed applications (20 PSI maximum)
  • NEMA4X (IP66) rated controller
  • 100-250 VAC (50-60 Hz)
  • 600mA max. at 12VDC = 7.2 Watts
Product Downloads

(*) MODBUS is only available in units with the new hardware that started shipping after April 2013.

Building and property managers are always looking for new and improved ways to improve their water filtration systems. New components and control devices enter the market, and they want a reliable way to find the best-performing ones for their needs. Since 1978, Hydro Instruments has worked diligently to develop the highest-quality gas feeder systems from the best materials available. We offer our groundbreaking OV-1000 omni-valve automatic gas feeder to help improve your system’s overall performance.

We strive to ensure that our gas feed systems and chlorine monitoring systems provide our customers with the quality and performance they have come to expect from our products. Through our decades of experience, we have developed systems that have helped countless customers improve their overall water filtration performance. Our OV-1000 omni-valve automatic gas feeder is the latest addition to our groundbreaking inventory.

OV-1000 Omni-Valve for Sale

If you have previously installed our OV-100 omni-valve system, you’ll be quite familiar with the features of our OV-1000 omni-valve automatic gas feeder. While our latest design shares the same features and benefits as the OV-100 system, there’s an array of additional advantages when you buy an OV-1000 omni-valve.

Before you buy an OV-1000 omni-valve, you’ll want to know how our products differ from the competition on the market. Our line of OV-1000 omni-valves for sale includes the following benefits:

  • Increased feed rates
  • Compatibility with various gas and liquid chemicals
  • Precision feed rate control
  • Long 2.5” motor and V-notch stem travel
  • Eight selectable field controls
  • MODBUS (RS-485) Communication, three analog inputs, and two analog outputs
  • Designed for minimal wear and tear
  • Long-lasting

OV-1000 Omni-Valve Systems

The Hydro Instruments team has developed an innovative approach to manufacturing that has made our OV-1000 omni-valve systems genuinely unique. As a result, our OV-1000 omni-valve automatic control valve is the industry’s first true, directly linear design. In addition, our OV-1000 omni-valve automatic control valve features seven unique control modes, providing our customers with vast improvements over standard rotary-driven options. Complete with flexible settings and features to help give you full control over how it plays within your system.

Our OV-1000 omni-valve automatic gas feeder has swiftly become the industry-leading option for companies looking for highly reliable designs with minimal moving parts that require increasingly common maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.

Trust Hydro Instruments for Your Next Control Valve

When you want to upgrade your water filtration system, finding the right control valve to regulate the feeding process becomes vital for improved performance. Hydro Instruments has designed, developed, and manufactured the top OV-1000 omni-valve automatic gas feeder system to vastly improve your system’s performance for the long haul. We have spent decades refining our approach and developing our adaptable and customizable design to help fit a variety of water filtration systems. Please browse our inventory to learn more about our products and to place your next order today.