Series 500

Series 500 Gas Feed Equipment

Information & Features

Chlorine, Sulfur Dioxide

  • From 1.5 pounds/day (30 g/hr) Up to 100 pounds/day (2000 gr/hr)


  • Up to 50 pounds/day (1000 gr/hr)
  • Available with actuator mounting ton ironworks – compatible with all popular brands of emergency shutoff actuators (see related images below)
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Ton Mounting Vacuum Regulator


Remote Meter Panel

Switchover Module

Differential Pressure Regulator


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(For Upright Cylinders)

Wall Mounted Vacuum Regulators

Information & Features

  • For Upright Cylinders
  • Up to 100 PPD (2.0 Kg/h) Max Capacity
  • For use with Chlorine, Sulfur Dioxide and Carbon Dioxide
  • Pressure Gauge (standard equipment)

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Differential Pressure Regulators

Information & Features

  • Capacities from 100 PPD (2 kg/h) to 500 PPD (10 kg/h)
  • Available for Chlorine or Sulfur Dioxide Gas

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