Remote Meters with Transmitter

Chlorine Gas Feed Remote Meter

Information & Features
  • 500 PPD (10 kg/h) w/ 6″ meter tube
  • 1,000 PPD (20 kg/h) w/ 12″ meter tube
  • 2,000 PPD (40 kg/h) w/ 12″ meter tube
  • 3,000 PPD (60 Kg/h) w/ 12″ meter tube
  • 4,000 PPD (80 kg/h) w/ 20″ meter tube
  • 6,000 PPD (120 kg/h) w/ 20″ meter tube
  • 8,000 PPD (160 kg/h) w/ 20″ meter tube
  • 10,000 PPD (200 kg/h) w/ 20″ meter tube
  • Available for Cl2 or SO2
  • Manual Rate Control Valve
  • 12 to 24 VDC Input Voltage
  • 4-20mA Output Signal
  • 1/4″ NPT Port for Vacuum Gauge and/or Differential Pressure Regulator (Gauge and DPR not included)
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Getting a gas feed system for your facility’s water filtration requires precision instruments to track the gas levels throughout every stage. You want reliable chlorine gas feed meters that can take accurate measurements and alert you when an issue requires immediate attention. Hydro Instruments offers our customers a robust inventory of chlorine gas feed remote meters that deliver precise readings and measurements whenever you need them.

We focus on designing, building, and testing the industry’s best chlorine gas feed remote meters. We know our customers rely on their metering equipment to deliver accurate gas measurements within their systems. With our rigorously tested products, we ensure your chlorine vacuum feed system meter is ready to operate at its full potential for the long haul.

Chlorine 4-20mA Gas Transmitter

One of the most critical parts of a Hydro Instruments chlorine gas feed remote meter system is its ability to accurately measure the gas flow and deliver the readings where they need to be. Our chlorine 4-20mA gas transmitter allows our products to transmit this crucial data to where it needs to go quickly and efficiently.

Our chlorine gas feed meter represents the actual flow of the gas through the system at any given time. Vital information that you need to ensure there isn’t a leak in the system or an issue that requires your immediate attention. With keen attention to detail throughout every aspect of the design and production process, you can rest assured that any Hydro Instruments chlorine remote gas feed meter for sale that you find will be exactly what you need.

Chlorine Gas Flow Meter

Finding a chlorine gas feed remote meter that fits your precise needs has been a significant challenge for countless facility managers. They want to find a chlorine vacuum feed system meter that can accurately tell the rate at which the gas flows throughout the unit to ensure everything is operating as intended. Fortunately, we have developed a chlorine gas flow meter that can deliver the precision accuracy that our customers need. While you can find another chlorine remote gas feed meter for sale, it won’t have the same guarantees you receive from Hydro Instruments.

We strive to ensure every product that we make available meets the highest standards and provides our customers with the best performance possible. For example, our chlorine gas feed meters are designed to make your life easier and give you the data you need to keep track of everything so you can get in front of potential problems before it’s too late.

Trust Hydro Instruments With Your Next Chlorine Gas Feed Remote Meter

When you have a gas-based water filtration system, you want the most accurate readings of the gas flow within it. Other options on the market might promise you pinpoint precision data, but Hydro Instruments has a proven track record of delivering products that deliver genuinely accurate data. We work to provide you with the type of remote meters that give you the most accurate readings possible. Learn more about our products and place your next order today!