Why Choose Hydro Instruments

Why Choose Hydro Instruments?

Reasons to choose Hydro Instruments products:

1. Experience, Quality and Knowledge of the Products and Industry

  • Hydro Instruments has been manufacturing gas chlorination equipment since 1978
  • We perform 100% product testing
  • Hydro Instruments is an associate member of The Chlorine Institute, Inc.
  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified
  • Hydro Instruments adheres to EU Privacy Shield Principals

2. Best Warranty
Hydro Instruments’ warranty is the best on the market. Our mechanical equipment carries a 3-year warranty with a lifetime warranty on vacuum regulator inlet springs, vacuum regulator main diaphragm, machined PVC bodies and inlet seal adapters. We will match any written warranty claim by any competitor. We produce equipment to be the most durable on the market and we stand behind our equipment with this excellent warranty.

Instrumentation (i.e. electronic equipment) carries a 1-year warranty.

3. Fast Service and Delivery
Hydro Instruments keeps all parts and common system components in stock. When you need a part, component or a new system, you can be sure that Hydro Instruments will act quickly. Most orders are able to ship the same day for standard equipment because we are committed to fast response to customer requests. Hydro Instruments is able to ship even the most complex pieces of equipment, such as vaporizers, in a short period of time.

4. Durable products using the finest materials and manufacturing methods
Hydro Instruments’ designs permit easy repairs and replacement of parts. We are continually enhancing and upgrading our designs to improve product performance.

Hydro Instruments manufactures its parts by machining them from solid blocks of material rather than injection molding of molten plastic. Machining eliminates the residual stresses from the molding process that lead to cracking and warping. The machining process also allows our parts to maintain a much heavier wall thickness than that allowed by injection molding. Hydro Instruments’ machined body parts are guaranteed not to crack or warp.

Only the best raw materials are used for our parts; chosen for strength and chemical resistance. These materials include: Silver, PVC, Teflon, Kynar, Tantalloy (a Tantalum-Tungsten alloy), Hastelloy C and Viton.

5. Specific Design Advantages
Best Manual Rate Valves – Hydro Instruments’ rate valve assemblies are precision-machined from the finest materials available for each intended chemical use. Our designs and manufacturing precision ensure accurate and stable control of the chemical feed rate from zero to full scale.

Best Automatic Control Valves – Hydro Instruments automatic control valves offer the most accurate and stable feed rate control available. Able to accurately control chlorine gas feed rates down to below 10 gr/hour (~0.5 lbs/day), using the most reliable and low maintenance motion control system made with precision manufactured components.

The industry’s most advanced Evaporators – Hydro Instruments manufactures and stocks the highest quality and most advanced chlorine, sulfur dioxide and ammonia evaporators on the market. Our evaporators have numerous technological advantages over the competition which are explained in our product literature.

Hydro Instruments manufactures a series of chlorine and sulfur dioxide flow meters with 4-20mA output based on float position. These are available in 10, 20, 40, and 160 kg/hr sizes (500, 1000, 2000, and 8000 lbs/day sizes).

All of Hydro Instruments electronic products are of highest quality, modern design, easy to use, and include RS-485 Modbus communication. Our instrumentation also features a modular circuit board system which maximizes flexibility and reduces repair cost.

Hydro Instruments residual chlorine analyzers include two types of systems. The open cell Amperometric Series RAH-210 offers large electrodes with a continuous A/C motor driven cleaning system. The probe type RPH-250 offers multiple types of Amperometric and Potentiostatic probes. The Potentiostatic free chlorine F3 probe includes a passive self-cleaning mechanism and requires no membrane. Both analyzers offer optional data logger to MicroSD card and Modbus RS-485.

Hydro Instruments GA-180 Gas Leak Detector offers up to 16 gas sensors (of many types), air temperature alarm option, up to 34 relays, selectable relays, isolated 4-20mA output for each sensor, Modbus RS-485 standard, scanning display, optional data logger to MicroSD card.

Hydro Instruments vacuum regulator advantages include:

  • Machined PVC bodies for maximum durability
  • Double O-ring sealed main diaphragms on the inner and outer circumference
  • Tantalum alloy springs with a lifetime warranty
  • Silver inlet valve stems on Teflon seats for corrosion resistance
  • Silver inlet filter screens
  • Teflon inlet filters for up to 100 lbs/day (2 kg/h) feed capacities
  • Ton vacuum regulators suitable for direct mounting of emergency shutoff actuators

Hydro Instruments ejector advantages include:

  • Machined PVC bodies for maximum durability
  • Ejectors are available for back pressures up to 300 PSI
  • Check valves available in various reliable designs including a unique self-centering O-ring seal, flat gasket seal, flat O-ring seal, ball-type and diaphragmless designs
  • Variable orifice models for 2″, 3″ and 4″ flanged ejectors
  • A wide variety of nozzle options for various hydraulic conditions