Our inventory features a robust lineup of turbidimeters, chlorine gas alarms, industrial gas leak detectors, omni-valve control valves, chlorine control valves, and more that aim to make your water treatment procedures run as smoothly as possible. Since 1978, Hydro Instruments has delivered the highest-quality chlorine monitoring instruments and materials that our customers have come to respect and rely on for their needs.

With chlorine monitoring instruments like the GA-180 gas alarm, GA-171 gas alarm, RPH-260 residual analyzer, and RPH-280 residual analyzer, you can find the right product that meets your exact needs.

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Residual Analyzers & Chlorine Analyzers

Controlling how much of the gas you use in the purification process remains one of the most important facets of the process. You want to ensure continuous measurements of your supply for quality control and that everything operates smoothly. Fortunately, we have an array of residual and chlorine analyzers that can help properly assess the data and ensure each piece of equipment operates at its optimal performance.

When you need products that deliver consistent water pressure and flow rate while significantly reducing the amount of air bubbles that can disrupt your readings, our products remain the top options in the industry.

Additionally, you need accurate turbidity measurements from your water supply to ensure everything is operating correctly. Our turbidimeters deliver precise measurements of suspended solids and ensure your water quality remains high.

Chlorine Gas Detectors

Whenever you’re dealing with a gaseous substance, you need reliable chlorine testing equipment to know how much volume you’re dealing with in your system. We have spent decades testing and developing our chlorine gas detectors to ensure you can monitor your water supply. Our chlorine monitoring instruments allow you to make these measurements and take actionable steps to remedy any problems quickly and efficiently.

Chlorine Gas Leak Detectors

One of the biggest things that companies have to monitor with their purification systems remains any signs of gas leaks. Our chlorine gas leak detectors and industrial gas leak detectors have helped closely monitor similar systems for decades, ensuring that each runs safely. When one of our chlorine gas alarms goes off, you can swiftly make any necessary repairs and ensure any leaks are dealt with before they become a more serious issue.

Choose Hydro Instruments for Your Chlorine Testing Needs

Since 1978, Hydro Instruments has provided our customers with the reliability and high-quality chlorine monitoring instruments they need to ensure their water purification systems run smoothly. We have rigorously developed and tested these systems to ensure they meet our customers’ highest standards. Whether you’re looking for omni-valve control valves, chlorine control valves, gas leak detectors, turbidimeters, or residual analyzers, we have the options you need to ensure the job gets done right. Please browse through our inventory to find the products you need for your system today!