Resource – Water Treatment with Gas Chlorination

The Economic Advantages of Chlorine Gas Disinfection

The following table clarifies the economic advantages of gas chlorination disinfection by comparing the necessary capital…Learn more.

The Practical Advantages of Chlorine Gas Disinfection

Chlorination of water supplies can be achieved using three different chemical mediums; chlorine gas, calcium hypochlorite…Learn more.


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Formulas and Conversions

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Setup and Installation

The Hydro Instruments chlorinator and sulfonator devices are designed and built for use with different gases… Learn more.

Shutdown and Troubleshooting

Whenever the system is shut down and the chlorinator is removed, it must be evacuated of residual gas… Learn more.

System Drawings

Typical System Drawings for Hydro Instruments Gas Chlorination Systems

Application Illustrations

Chlorinators shown in the illustrations are from the Hydro Instruments Models 500/502 series… Learn more.

Installation Examples

Photographs installations of our equipment