We have designed and perfected our chlorine vaporizers so they can perform at their best exactly when you need them. Made from the best materials in the industry with a keen eye for detail, our team takes pride in every product in our inventory.

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Chlorine Evaporators

Regardless if you refer to them as chlorine vaporizers or chlorine evaporators, we have high-quality products that can meet your exact specifications. When you need your chlorine injected in a pure gaseous state, our solutions are exactly what you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

SO2 Vaporizers / Evaporators

If your existing system doesn’t utilize chlorine for your purification needs, have no fear; we still have your needs covered. We have a diverse lineup of SO2 vaporizers / SO2 evaporators that can be installed on a variety of existing water systems. We ensure our customers have the tools and components they need to meet their unique needs.

Chlorine Pressure-Reducing Valves

Your chlorine vaporizers can operate under high levels of pressure that, if unregulated, can prove potentially dangerous. Fortunately, we offer components designed to help keep these levels in check and operate within safe parameters. Our chlorine pressure-reducing valves are designed with your safety in mind. As soon as the valve hits 560 PSIG, it shuts down and begins to vent the gas accordingly. In addition to our chlorine pressure valves, we also offer options for sulfur dioxide and ammonia chemical lines.

Does your system need an expansion chamber assembly as well? We have you covered. You can attach the assembly between any two sets of shutoff points to help protect your liquid chemical pipeline from over-pressurization.

Turn to Hydro Instruments for Your Next Chlorine Vaporizer

When you’re looking to upgrade your overall gas feed system, getting a new chlorine vaporizer / evaporator from the best in the business can make your search easier and less stress-inducing. When other chlorine vaporizer suppliers have let you down in the past with defective equipment, parts, and construction, we won’t let you down. Since 1978, our team has dedicated ourselves to getting the design and construction of these complex machines down to an exact science — and the results speak for themselves.

Contact the Hydro Instruments team to learn more about our chlorine vaporizers / evaporators, and place your next order with us today!