Gas Ammoniators for Ammonia Gas Feed

Systems & Components
Cylinder and Manifold Mounted


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Automatic Control              Gas Leak Detection

OV-110 & OV-1000 Omni-Valve,
CV-230 Control Valve

GA-180 Gas Alarm


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Ammonia Ejectors

Manual Feed Rate Control


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  • Available up to 1000 PPD NH3
  • Multiple nozzle sizes to match feed capacity and/or hydraulics.
  • Meter panel and flow tube with reliable and repeatable rate valve control.

Switchover Systems

Series 900 Automatic Switchover


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    • Vacuum regulators have an integral switchover mechanism designed to automatically switch from a depleted gas source to a full one.
    • Minimizes operator interaction.
    • Up to 500 PPD Ammonia gas feed.
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