Check Valves

Corporation Stops

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Check Valves - For Gas and Liquid Service



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Complete Corporation Stop Assemblies

  • Tap Sizes of 1/2", 3/4" 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 2"
  • PVC, CPVC or Stainless Steel Options Available
  • All-Plastic Options Available



Ejectors (Injectors)

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                                              - Many designs and sizes to choose from
                                              - Various nozzle options for each model
                                              - For gas or liquid induction
                                              - High quality machined construction 


Gauges, Switches and

Manifolds & Pressurized
Gas Accessories

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  • Diaphragm Protected Gauges
  • Vacuum Switches and Solenoids


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Flexible Connectors

  • Horizontal & Vertical Manifolds
  • Yokes and Adapters
  • Flex Connectors & Wrenches
  • Drip Leg Heaters

Injection Diffusers &
Main Connects

Universal Ton Container
Mounting Adapter

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  • For gas and liquid injection
  • Excellent reliability & chemical resistance
  • Solid Machined Construction
  • Standard Material is PVC (custom materials available)


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Model TUY-1

  • With 25 watt heater, drip leg, and header valve
  • For conversion of cylinder mount vacuum regulators to direct Ton mounting
  • Compatable with any brand of Chlorine or Sulfur Dioxide vacuum regulator

Vacuum Tubing & Tube Fittings

Water Inlet Assemblies


Vacuum Tubing & Fittings 

PVC Water Inlet 

Various Design & Material Options

Drain Valves

Modular Vent Valves


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Model DVH-100

Drain Valves
(Anti-Flood Valves) 



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Model MVH-100

Vent Valves

Open Channel Diffusers


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Open Channel Diffusers

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Calibration Columns

Sample Water Recovery System

Differential Pressure Regulators


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  • To recover sample water from analytical devices

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  • From 100 PPD up to 2,000 PPD Capacity
  • For Chlorine or Sulfur Dioxide gas


Scales, SCBA's, Gas Masks, Emergency Kits and Pumps

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