Gas Chlorination Systems and More for the Philippines

Since our founding in 1978, we’ve provided municipal drinking water authorities, power plants, the packaging and processing industry, and other institutions all over the world with the best chemical monitoring equipment on the market. The Philippines is one of many nations where Hydro Instruments is a dependable supplier of gas chlorination systems and related equipment. Customers can depend on prompt delivery of our items whether they are shipped to Luzon, the Visayas, or Mindanao.

Hydro Instruments Supplies the Philippines With a Variety of High-Quality Products

Gas Feed Systems

Hydro Instruments’ gas feed systems are renowned worldwide for their disinfection dosage accuracy. They are available in many different models and capacities, allowing you to pick the one that best satisfies your specific needs. We are committed to providing the best gas feed systems for chlorine, ammonia, and other gasses.

Chlorine Testing Instruments

Our quality testing tools will help your water treatment processes become more effective than before. Organizations will be able to precisely measure and assess their water supply with the help of our selection of dependable chlorine monitoring systems. If there are any problems, our premium chlorine gas leak detectors will also let you know so you can fix them before they get worse.

Liquid Chemical Feed

We provide a selection of liquid chemical feed technology that can be utilized to enhance your company’s water filtration system and make it easier than ever to gather accurate metering measurements. Because of their resilience to corrosion and the high-quality materials we use to create them, you can rely on our equipment to keep giving precise measurements for years to come.

Chlorine Vaporizers

Our team at Hydro Instruments has perfected the designs of our chlorine vaporizers and evaporators to ensure that they constantly deliver the highest performance when you need it most. You’ll find that the chlorination equipment we provide will meet all of your purification needs, precisely adhere to your unique criteria, and never let you down. Additionally, our pressure-reducing valves were created with safety in mind in order to keep our vaporizers from achieving potentially dangerous pressure levels.

For Dependable Chlorination Systems in the Philippines, Contact Us Today

At Hydro Instruments, we are committed to using the highest-quality materials in all of our products to prevent leaks and ensure that they can continue to provide top-notch performance well into the future. Additionally, our staff designs them with simplicity in mind so that customers of all skill levels can use them with ease. As a result, regardless of the application, our clients in the Philippines and beyond can always rely on our selection of dependable chlorination systems for quality.

To make an order or to find out more about our top-notch electronics, accessories, and chemical monitoring equipment, contact us today. We will be happy to address any inquiries you may have regarding any of our products.